Reconstruct AI with Quantum
Quantum Intelligence:
Leading the Next Technology Revolution
Get started with quantum computing with the first QML cloud platform following the quantum-hybridization principal
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A Hybridized Approach to Quantum Intelligence
Quantum Intelligence as a Serviced Offered by QIT*
Addressing Optimization Concerns Spanning across Industries
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Meet Qindom

With the dawn of quantum computing and AI, a new technological revolution of Quantum Intelligence (QI) cries for an integrated architecture that can meet a wide array of industrial demands.

Qindom was born to meet those needs. We understand that what the industries have achieved is predicated on decades of development of digital hardware and architecture. Thus, we are dedicated to reconstructing AI with quantum computing technologies in research, development, and application. As the game-changing pioneer in QI, our goal is to break through bottlenecks of AI and provide sustainable QI solutions and set new industry standards.

We have gathered the most brilliant minds of our times from different academics and industries. We do not just believe that the QI era is here, we practice realizing that. At Qindom, we invite you to take a bold leap in artificial intelligence.

Core Technologies

At Qindom, we integrate advantages of featured machine learning algorithms into our patent Quantum Intelligence (QI) optimized algorithm. By utilizing quantum features, which include superposition state, entanglement effect, and tunneling effect, we have achieved parallel computing and fair sampling in our solution models.

Thus, we apply quantum computing and machine learning technologies to combine AI methodologies with quantum properties. Powered by D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer, we approach the combinatorial optimization of all algorithms and models to achieve the goal of global optima.

Industry Applications

We work closely with industry-leading partners and provide them with QI solutions to high-value optimization and machine learning problems. Our QI solution methodologies are dedicated to tackle intractable computational problems of price trend prediction, route planning, recommendation, churn prevention, etc.

Meet QIT 1.0

Quantum Intelligence Toolbox (QIT), offering revolutionary Quantum Intelligence as a Service (QIaaS) experience

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